When To See A Bronx Dentist

When To See A Bronx Dentist

Times To Visit Your Bronx Dentist

Visiting your dentist regularly is essential to supporting good dental health care. Generally, two trips to the dentist for a regular dental clean per year is ideal but sometimes there are other contributing factors that should not be ignored. During this blog post, we’ll discuss important signs you should look out for and when to organize that appointment with your dentist sooner rather than later.

#1 All kinds of Aches

If you have been exposed to tooth pain, it may be a cavity that has gotten infected. These sorts of pains sometimes don’t always disappear if left alone. If you’re feeling any other pains such as constant headaches, sore jaw and/or pain when you bite, then its time to visit your local dentist in Bronx, NY as these can relate to problems like Bruxism (teeth-grinding), tooth trauma, infection, tooth decay and gum disease.

#2 Concerns with Gums and Mouth Sores

Be observant when brushing your teeth or flossing because if you recognize that your bleeding after taking care, especially if you’re brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush then this is a good indicator. Plaque build up along the gum line plays a major factor in bleeding gums. Organize a trip to your dentist in Bronx as this could prevent/eliminate gum disease and show you how to avoid this in the future. Mouth Sores generally heal in their own time and can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to heal but it is a good idea to have a dentist check it out so they can rule out infection or disease. They can appear on your tongue, gums, lips and on the inside of your cheeks.

#3 Past Dental Procedures

Have you had any previous procedures that were carried out by a dentist that are now causing you some trouble? If the answer is yes, there’s no better time to make an appointment with your dentist in Bronx in order to eliminate the problem before it worsens. Complications such as chipped or cracked crowns must be attended to quickly to avoid infection. Fillings that have exceeded their stay should be restored as soon as possible to avoid any bacteria growing in between the filling and the tooth.

#4 Very Important Medical Matters

Diseases like diabetes, gum disease and eating disorders have an impact on our oral health and this occasionally includes the treatments used that may have an unfavorable effect on us. Countless medications have side effects such as dry mouth which can put your oral health at risk. It is so important to let your Dentist in Bronx know your diagnosis and any medications that have currently been prescribed to you.

#5 Unpleasant Breath

No one wants it and sometimes you’ve noticed it and its during the most inconvenient of times from talking during a presentation at a meeting to socializing at a party. From time to time, bad breath can be a sign of gum disease or even another health issue. Are you going through extra efforts and still struggling to keep your breath fresh? Certain foods, tobacco products and poor dental hygiene can contribute. Call your Dentist in Bronx to plan a time to see them to discuss this further.

#6 Routine Visits!

We’re not going to lie, Here at Fordham Dental Office we love seeing all our clients regularly. In fact, we take pride in it. We really want to put a strong emphasis on how important it is to visit the dentist regularly. Make it part of your health routine! If you notice or have any of the above symptoms, please organize an appointment. Remember, Prevention is the key and a visit every six months will decrease your chances of any major dental health problems.

Schedule A Consultation With Fordham Dental Office, Bronx, NY

We value your trust in us as part of your family’s total healthcare team and look forward to getting to know each of you as the wonderfully unique individual that you are. Each one of us loves what we do and we believe at Fordham Dental Office that it shows in the quality of our work and our patient interactions an d it is one of the reasons why Fordham Dental Office is the clear choice for the dental patients in the surrounding neighbourhood.

We hope that each of our patient has a happy and healthy smile makeover and that means protecting your teeth and your oral health. We care for your smile and to have a detailed understanding regarding your oral care, you can always schedule a consultation with our dental hygienist at 586 Morris Avenue, Bronx, New York, NY 10451 or 573E Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458 by calling us at (917) 962-9990.

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