Cosmetic Dentistry Service can be a powerful tool in drastically improving your appearance. With our smile design service, we can provide you with a complete smile makeover! At Fordham Dental Office, the first step in “smile design” is to examine every smile facet and contributing facial feature in order to recommend treatment that enhances your natural look.

Your smile is an integral part of you. On display every day, it’s a reflection of the warmth and poise; a portrayal of your emotions—and a window to your personality. Earlier going to the dentist wasn’t always easy, but today It IS! New dental technologies and state-of-the-art advancements make your visit completely Pleasurable and comfortable.

If you’ve ever avoided smiling due to dental issues, Fordham Dental Office’s smile design services in Bronx, NY will ensure that you never hesitate to smile again. Our dental professionals use a comprehensive corrective approach to smile design that can transform the appearance of your teeth, regardless of the current state of your smile. Whether you are currently dealing with gaps, crowding, discoloration, or any other unsightly issue, our specialists have the skills and experience to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Quality Smile Design Services from Fordham Dental Office, Bronx

There are still millions of people walking around with less confidence due to the appearance of their smiles. However, there is cosmetic dentistry technology and skill available in Bronx to help. You can now have the smile you’ve been dreaming about with quality Smile Design services.

Gandhi DDS – the best family dentistry in Bronx, New York can give you more than just a wonderful smile. She assists you with a renewed sense of confidence to boost your personal and professional life.

Smile design consists of several different types of treatment to change the size, shape, color, or alignment of your teeth. Treatment typically includes the placement of either porcelain veneers, crowns, or bridges, and may include teeth whitening or gum contouring.

Whether it’s your lifestyle choices, neglected over the years, or genetics that have contributed to the deterioration of your smile, it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve been waiting for. At Fordham Dental Office, Bronx – we will work with you every step of the way.

Recreating Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry.


Before any treatment begins, Dr. Nishita Gandhi takes time to listen to your needs. She will perform a thorough oral examination as well as take a full series of photos and/or digital x-rays. Additionally, impressions and study models will be taken.

Only you know the tiny imperfections that make you feel self-conscious about your smile. With our smile design services, we can re-create your smile so that you achieve the results you have been searching for an affordable price.

First, you will sit down with one of our cosmetic dentists to discuss the different aspects of your smile that you would like to have changed. Don’t worry about the current status of your teeth or your smile. Do not feel discouraged if some of your teeth are chipped, cracked or missing. Our doctors can achieve amazing results, and they will let you know what can be repaired or improved.

Once that has been done, we will provide you with a visual smile catalog to aid you in choosing a smile you love. Dr. Gandhi and our team spend a great deal of time with you one-on-one at this appointment, discussing what you want to achieve and explaining the different treatment options available to you.

Once the design is complete, our cosmetic dentist will transform your teeth so you can be happier, healthier and confident with your smile. We will only proceed with placing permanent dentistry once all of your questions and concerns have been answered. We want you to be thoroughly educated and satisfied during each step of the treatment process.

At Bronx Cosmetic Dentistry – Gandhi DDS the team can custom design a treatment plan for you keeping your preferences in mind and help you achieve the confident smile you were looking for.

Breaking Down the Smile Design Process


At Fordham Dental Office, Bronx – our team of cosmetic dentists collaborate with each of our patients to set out a definitive plan of action to achieve their Smile Design goals. Our patients benefit from our many years’ experience in the industry and from our skill at using the latest cosmetic dentistry technology available on the market.

For many, a redesigned smile seems like something reserved for celebrities and television makeovers. The truth is that your perfect smile—vibrant, youthful and self-assured—is well within your reach! Fordham Road & Morris Avenue Dentist Dr. Nishita Gandhi can give you the smile of your dreams.

Here are only a few of the many Smile Design services available to you from the Fordham Dental Office, Bronx.

At Fordham Dental Office, we examine every smile feature that contributing smile in order to recommend treatment that enhances your natural look. This may include:

Tooth Proportions:

What are the ratios for the shape, size, length, width and angle of your teeth?

Tooth Color & Texture:

Does the surface texture of your teeth complement your skin tone, eye and hair color?

Facial Structure:

Does your face shape—square, round or oval—harmonize with the style of your smile?

Lip Line:

To what degree do you possess facial symmetry? Does your lip line match the midline of your face, at rest and while smiling?

Gum Line:

How much of your gums show when you smile? Are the contours on each side appropriate?

Age, Weight & Gender:

Are teeth correctly proportioned in relation to these?

Reasons for Smile Design

At Fordham Dental Office, Bronx patients have many reasons for requesting smile design services. Teeth may be cracked, worn or discolored, or may contain gaps and chips. A rejuvenating smile makeover solves these problems—and crafts a smile that you can confidently share with family, friends and coworkers. Until you sit down with Dr. Gandhi, you may not realize the feasibility of true smile transformation!

Looking For Perfect Smile Design in Bronx

Our patients are thrilled with the results of their smile design procedures, because a new smile can

  • Reveal personality,
  • Improve relationships and
  • Uncover new opportunities.

There’s no need to put it off any longer. With the most innovative dental practices and seasoned dental professionals at your service, you can smile with confidence.

Dr. Gandhi – a top smile makeover dentist in Bronx can help improve and maintain your dental health. At our Bronx cosmetic dentistry office, we can brighten and straighten your teeth while leaving you with a fresh feeling mouth.

Contact Fordham Dental Office today for more information about the best, most comprehensive cosmetic smile design Morris Ave. and Fordham Road, Bronx has to offer. To schedule your complimentary dental consultation, call (917)-962-9990 today!