Avoiding the side property: Tooth Whitening

tooth sensitivity

Your smile is very valuable and you will forever want to do the most to see to it that you can preserve it. A lot of people opt to whiten their teeth before you create with this it is significant to learn about is how you can diminish the intense effects of teeth whitening.

The very first thing is to appreciate is that teeth whitening may give you a nice dazzling smile but there are also a few side effects which you may have to face. Among the many diverse things, one problem which you might come across is sensitivity. Apart from this, one of the best things here is that troubles associated with tooth whitening are not very acute and hence can be treated easily.

The troubles which you might have with tooth sensitivity

If you are not very fortunate you might undergo badly from sensitive teeth and gums which can be pretty painful. This can be a difficulty before or after the whitening process has been done. When the procedure is going on there can be zingers. This means acute pain in the tooth and these are extremely general at this time. Possibility exists that these might be a little gentle and can lighten away soon but you need to be geared up for the worst. According to American Dental Association tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect of teeth whitening. It can range from very mild tooth sensitivity to a prickly, shooting type of pain. Almost always, the sensitivity goes away within a few weeks and no permanent harm is done to the teeth. But in rare cases, irreversible tooth harm can occur.

Top guidelines to avoid sensitivity

1. Keep away from over bleaching. This can over stimulate the nerve ending which causes sensitivity.

2. When you wish to diminish the overall sensitivity of the tooth it is significant and also desirable that you keep an eye on the amount of fruit and fruit juices which you intake. This will help in reducing the sensitivity which is caused because of tooth whitening. The acidity which is present in these fresh fruits will always be sensitive and hence they will have a consequence on your tooth enamel. This will all ultimately lead to tooth sensitivity.

3. If using a home whitening system do not use too much whitening gel.

If you have any kind of gum diseases or then some other kind of tooth sensitivity then you should really take advice from your dentist Dr. Nishita Gandhi about the best type of whitening treatment for you.

It is vital to bear in mind that tooth whitening should only be provided by a dentist. Beauticians or salons offer this aesthetic treatment but are actually not authorized by law to provide the necessary assessment and advice to patients.

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